Why So Many Men Travel to Turkey to Have a Hair Transplant

Male pattern baldness affects a high percentage of all men, with over 60 percent of all men in the UK experiencing a loss of hair, usually a thinning on top or a receding hairline, before the age of 40. While so many men suffer from male pattern baldness, that doesn’t mean you need to lose your hair while you’re a young man, or even an older man, as there are alternatives to hair loss such as hair transplants.

Hair transplants have improved significantly over the past decade, so much so that they’re now widely seen as the best method that can be used to grow one’s hair back. If you’re considering a hair transplant as a means of growing your hair, you may like to note that Turkey is the number one destination for men with male pattern baldness who want to do something about it. Here we look at some of the many reasons why Turkey is the ideal destination if you want to grow your hair back,

Hair Transplants in Turkey are Affordable

As hair transplants in Turkey tend to be much more affordable than the same treatment in the UK, many men fly to Turkey for a cheap hair transplant that sees them growing their hair back in a matter of months. While an exact price can’t be given here as prices differ from surgeon to surgeon and some men require different treatments to others, you can expect to pay a lot less for a hair transplant in Turkey than you would for one in the United Kingdom.

In many cases, men can expect to pay as little as £1,800 to £3,200 rather than the £15,000 that a hair transplant can cost here in the UK. That’s a massive difference in price that makes Turkish hair transplants so appealing, moreover, as many hair transplant service providers offer 0% APR hair transplant financing, you have the opportunity to pay just £36.50 a week to grow your hair back and experience the many benefits of doing so, including regaining your confidence and looking younger.

However, while the affordable and cheap price of hair transplants performed by Turkish surgeons is a major reason why so many men fly into Istanbul or the Turkish capital Ankara, the price is far from the only reason why hair transplants in Turkey are so popular.

Turkey is the Hair Transplant Hub of the World

Not only do more than 5,000 men travel to Turkey every month for hair transplants, but thousands of Turkish men have hair transplants performed monthly, making the Turkish hair transplant industry a billion-dollar industry. Turkey has for some time been the hair transplant capital of the world and the procedures that surgeons are performing there are nothing shy of revolutionary.

For example, did you know that many men from Turkey and other countries in the region have beard transplants? As having a full beard is considered to be very masculine in this part of the world, it’s become common for men to have hair taken from their scalp (usually the rear of the scalp as is also the case with hair transplants) and transplanted onto their face to make their beards bigger and more manly.

While this may not interest you at all (you may be wondering how to get hair from your face onto the top of your head) it highlights the sophistication of the techniques that Turkish surgeons are using for hair transplantation procedures. Furthermore, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has been used in Turkey for a very long time, in fact, it has been used in Turkey for longer than it has been used in the West.

This level of hair transplant expertise isn’t yet as widespread in other countries, including the UK and Europe, so if you’re looking to have your hair transplant provided by a surgeon who uses the very latest and most up-to-date techniques, then you may like to look at flying to Turkey to have a hair transplant.

Many Turkish Surgeons Have Local Offices

Because so many men from around the world fly to Turkey to have hair transplants and an initial consultation is a requirement, many Turkish surgeons maintain offices in London and other cities around the world. That means you can have a consultation with a hair transplant expert before you make the required travel arrangements to fly to Istanbul or Ankara, so if you’re worried about the need to have a consultation in Turkey, and perhaps find out that it isn’t suitable for you, you needn’t worry at all.

It should also be pointed out that while you may be offered very cheap hair transplants in Turkey, you need to make sure that you can have a free initial consultation and that the best place for this is in your own country. While hair transplants are suitable for most men, in some cases men may find that it isn’t an option (this could be due to having a tight scalp or insufficient hair in the donor site), so it’s best to find this out before you fly all the way to Turkey.

You Can Recover in Turkey

Another excellent benefit to having a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is that you can have a holiday in this amazing country while you recover. As it’s an invasive surgery procedure that will require you to rest and take it easy for a couple of days, Turkey, with its amazing culture and place of interest, is the perfect place to have a hair transplant and relax before flying home. You may like to spend a week or two here as many men do, with the summer a popular time to travel due to the opportunity to spend some time on Turkey’s gorgeous beaches.

Turkey is the best place to have a hair transplant performed for a number of reasons, including the affordable prices charged for high-quality hair transplants, the expertise of Turkish surgeons and the opportunity to spend time in this amazing country.