Ultimate Steam Roller Challenge: FlowerPot Edition

So I’ve already happily shared my secret concoction for the ultimate steam roller pipe challenge. Put simply, you just have to mix every form of THC you can get your hands on into the mixture of the bowl and let it rip to try and take one massive hit of it all, then attempt to remain standing to emerge victorious among your friends. There’s a bit of a process when smoking to keep in mind if you use concentrates. You have to make sure the herb is layered and sandwiches the concentrates you put in so that the flame of your lighter won’t burn it all away into the air. Some people out there are over smoking, however, and for good reason too. Every year scientists find more and more reasons why vaporizing herb or concentrates is overall healthier and better for people than smoking is. So what if you want to attempt this challenge but smoking is just out of the question for you? Don’t worry, the world of cannabis often intersects with the world of innovation and creativity, and some people have everybody’s best interests at heart when designing their cannabis consumption products.

I’m not too sure about other vaporizer brands, but Herbalizer released a sick steam roller attachment for their desktop vaporizer model. It’s easy to attach and seal to the mouthpiece of the vape, and then you use it like any traditional steam roller pipe by holding the carb and taking a fat rip to let all the vape build up in the glass chamber. The cross compatibility of this item is pretty subpar, however, so there’s another option which gives you more versatility.

The FlowerPot is a super unique vape that combines a powerful e-nail with usually a bong, but technically can easily be used with a generic steam roller. You simply place the nail over a bowl of herb and it vaporizes upon contact. The ultimate steam roller challenge requires more than just plain old herb though, you need to throw some hash and concentrates into the mix. Luckily, the FlowerPot e-nail comes with an additional part that allows you to load up concentrates and vaporize them at the same time as vaping herb. I think you can figure out the rest. Pack up all the supplies and use it with the bowl of a nice, large steam roller and see how much vapor your lungs can possibly handle.