The Brainwashing in our Doctors

Partly I I described how as soon as they enter school of medicine, our future doctors are systematically ‘educated’ through the pharmaceutical industry in coercive and frequently dishonest ways. Partly II I’ll discuss how after school of medicine this pattern of ‘uni-polar’ information without any objective watchdog takes the corruption of this sort of profession even more. Certainly, doctors today have grown to be nothing more than highly compensated drug salesmen for that major pharmaceutical industry.

When a medical student has finished his externship and enters private practice the actual ‘brainwashing’ begins through the pharmaceutical companies. To start with, they rapidly learn as youthful doctors that they have to attend several conventions every year to be able to take ongoing education classes necessary to have their license up to date. These conventions are backed and compensated for mainly by pharmaceutical companies. Frequently the travel and hotel and food expenses are compensated for through the pharmaceutical companies.

When the doctors exist the businesses possess a captive audience to systematically ‘educate’ regarding their new drugs and just how those are the latest and finest items to hit the medical establishment. Staff ‘doctors’ around the payroll from the pharmaceutical companies lecture on the advantages of the drugs with no word is ever pointed out about non-medications options. All over the hotel colorful signs promoting the brand new medicine is hung. Toys, gifts, household goods, pens, calendars, calculators…take your pick and also the pharma companies provide them with out. Lavish buffets and your meals are presented to the doctors because they are given the most recent and finest treating numerous ailments running the gamut from minor towards the existence threatening.

Even while, not really a word is pointed out anywhere about alternative or non-prescription drugs for the conditions. Could it be no question most doctors don’t mention for their patients that frequently occasions a great way is simply to consume healthy, exercise as well as other ‘common sense’ treatment? Hold on, it does not finish in the convention. Once back in the office, a military of attractive pharmaceutical reps descend on hospitals inside a coordinated attack to help convince the doctors to prescribe their drugs towards the patients. The very first ones will always be free. Huge boxes of samples receive, but when around the drugs lots of people can’t leave due to the addictive or bad withdrawal signs and symptoms from the drugs.

The pharmaceutical reps come bearing free lunches and lavish food trays. They’re educated to commit to memory ‘scripts’ that may answer all possible questions the doctors may have concerning the drugs which are being ‘pushed’. Obviously none of those pharmaceutical reps have medical training. Many were cosmetologists, waitresses and secretaries only days or several weeks before their intensive ‘training’ to get pharmaceutical reps. Meanwhile, the doctors eat up. They already know when they hand out the drugs then your free meals continuously come and also the free journeys and conventions to exotic resorts within the Bahamas, Vegas or even the Poconos continues.