Five Alternative Liquids for your Bong

Smoking in a bong is considered one of the pillars of the culture of cannabis, but like everything classic, you need a “remake” so that it does not look less fashionable. As there are more and more ways to smoke or consume cannabis, let’s consider numerous more conventional alternatives, and not so conventional, to the typical H2O.

Frozen Water

The best of a clean and refreshing puff is the classic H2O with a small twist. How hot or cold of the water enhances the taste of the chosen bud. For a more adventurous touch, add mint leaves to the icy water, so you have a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Hot Tea

A great alternative to the classic water bong. Tea comes with an infinite variety of flavors and allows you to season the smoke with the flavor of your loved or preferred fruit. Hot water can make the smoke stronger when inhaled, which is an acquired taste. But you can let it cool, or put ice to get flavored water.


The Gatorade, with its wide spectrum of colors, is an ideal option to animate the appearance of the bong during a party. Although it may impress, it only enhances the taste a bit, and its high sugar content means that you will have to clean the bong thoroughly before using it again.

Red Wine

I know I’m not respecting the golden rule of not using alcohol with a bong, but if you do, choose wine with low alcohol content. An opportunity for lovers of good wine to combine their two great passions. As with tea, wine also enhances the taste of smoke, so red wine is the best option. Enjoy those delicious cherry flavors of your loved wine.

Cranberry Juice

Among all the alternatives, cranberry juice is a favorite of all time. Very popular because the acidity of blueberries helps keep the bong clean. The most excellent thing is that it is very cold so that its sugar content stays low. It provides a very refreshing smoke, alike to that obtained with the cold water of before.

The sky is the limit when it comes to alternatives to the water of a bong, and our suggestions are simply few recommendations. Another alternative is to add to the water essential oils, vanilla drops or orange peel, which provide their own essence and flavor. Did these alternatives interest you and you are yet to be a proud bong owner? Buy bongs Toronto, use these alternatives and thank me later.