FitnessCatalyst; a positive step towards being fit

It is a known fact that food is not the sole source of nutrients. Earlier, food was seen as the only source of nutrition, however it has been realised that important vitamins and nutrients can be provided in the form of tablets that supplement the food we eat. One must keep in mind that these are not a substitute to food but are to be taken with the food we eat. Taking the supplements while eating unhealthy food is not correct and it will not help a person in any way. One must ensure that they eat healthy while taking supplements to actually see a change and so that they benefit the consumer.

What is this product? 

To help people stay fit by providing them with the vitamins they need, Siberian Health has come up with a range of FitnessCatalyst products to choose from. These help in maintaining a balance when it comes to energy conservation and normalising blood sugar levels. The three products available on the Spanish website are Chromlipaza, ActiFiber and Carnitrin.

Using Carnitrin 

For people who are constantly active and who play sports regularly, Carnitrin is a good supplement considering how fast their metabolism should be. To remain active and eat healthy people need a good metabolism to survive gruelling practices throughout the day.  Made with green tea, L-carnitine and Eleutherococcal extracts, Carnitrin improves the immunity which is greatly needed for sportpersons during training sessions.

Chromlipaza For Better Efficiency 

 Chromium is a micronutrient that regulates blood sugar levels and increases the metabolism. It is mixed with insulin in order to make the insulin effective. This great micronutrient acts as the main ingredient in Chromlipaza that is a part of the FitnessCatalyst range. With Chromlipaza, sportspersons increase their metabolism and they remain active throughout practices.

ActiFiber – Using Pectin For A Better Metabolism 

Pectin, commonly used as a gelling agent and as an ingredient while making jams, has a number of health benefits as well. Extracted from fruits like apples, pectin has been proven to be an effective fighter against diabetes and reduces cholesterol and facilitates weight loss.  it is a great source of fibre as well that increases digestive health and further proves that it reduces cholesterol. It is, therefore, a perfect main ingredient found in ActiFiber.

All these supplements do a good job in ensuring that the metabolism of the sportsperson stays high and they manage to participate in events and be successful. Living a life based on sports is not easy for the body, with early morning practices that go on till late in the day, and the need to follow a strict diet. Supplements are therefore necessary to keep the body going.