Different Types of Hair Replacement Systems – Which One is For You?

Hair loss is when hair, usually on the top of the head, begins to fall out and discontinues growing back fully again. The most known type is known as male pattern baldness, or more scientifically as androgenic alopecia, where the hair thins out until it is slowly gone from the head. And even though for a long time it was believed that the condition was inherited from the maternal side of the family, it is now believed that it is unlikely that any genetic factors come into play from either parent.

So, what exactly is out there on the market to deal with hair loss?

Hair Pieces

A person who finds it necessary to make a choice between wearing a toupee and a wig should first consider whether the hairpiece is needed to disguise hair loss in a certain area of the scalp or if the idea is to entirely cover the wearer’s scalp. A toupee has always been worn by men who want to achieve the look of a full head of hair even if they have only experienced partial hair loss. A wig is used to disguise the wearer’s head for aesthetic or theatrical purposes and is normally, but not always, associated with a female wearer.

Modern Alternatives

These days, mesh hair pieces with an enhancement system have rapidly become one of the most popular, natural looking and comfortable wearing methods of hair replacement. If looking for expert assistance for female hair loss in Glasgow, make sure to use experienced professionals in that field of expertise. You might be surprised to know who is out there in the public arena, who actually uses this method of hair enhancement, be it fashion, films and other entertainment entities. This type of enhancement system is surprisingly affordable, and there’s definitely an increase in demand for it nowadays over other methods.

Shampoos and Treatments

There have always been researchers looking for new ways to try to help people regrow their hair and claim to have had successes in this field over the past decade or two. Shampoos and treatments specially formulated for hair loss have become popular, but are not advisable for everyone. It is claimed that some people who suffer from hair loss, that these treatments and shampoos can aid them in growing back their own hair again.


During a transplant, hair is removed from the back of the head and transplanted in single hairs or more to the areas of the head that are bald or balding. The hair should then start to grow there, and in the areas from which it was removed from, providing a natural look. Hair transplants have become one of the most common hair replacement methods, even though it is deemed extreme.

Whatever you decide upon as a solution, just ensure that it’s one that’s making you feel comfortable, convenient and looks great!