Dental Implants Has Evolved And Incorporates Cutting Edge Technology

Listening to folklores related to dental procedures and surgeries are a torture. Instruments applied to extract tooth were gruesome. Patients recovering from severed gum damages or a broken jaw were left traumatised. Modern day dental treatment has evolved a lot.

How dental implants evolved?

In historical times, human teeth were replaced with precious gems or carved stone. Around 1950, titanium was used in an osseointegration process because of its capability to fuse with the bone.

Various methods were tried to use implant structures for stabilizing dentures, permanently. However, the success rate was comparatively low as compared to the titanium implant used today.

Modern implants make use of titanium that actually rouses the bone molecules and attaches to the implant thread, directly. Fusion of implant root and jawbone stabilizes the titanium dental implants, which then functions like normal tooth.

Dental implants as of today

  • Advancement in dentistry has allowed to prevent dental issues efficiently
  • The capacity of performing dental procedures pain-free has increased
  • Imaging technique is used to determine the appropriate treatment course
  • Dental procedures can be performed with accuracy by avoiding sensitive blood vessels and nerves
  • Dental implants get designed using 3 D printing & CAD/CAM technology for accurate fit
  • Dental implants are best option for dentures because the latter are movable and get rubbed against gums as well as restrict eating some kinds of food
  • Dental implants are best alternative for bridge work because the latter needs cutting healthy teeth, which is not needed in implants
  • Dental implants can get concluded quickly with same day process

Dental implant as of in future

With advancement in scientific field, labs are developing human tissues. In a few decades, dentist will be seen replacing damaged, missing and broken tooth with implant designed from real tooth developed in a lab.

Why visit a dentist, when your tooth chips or breaks?

You may be wondering, why visit a dentist for a small chip in your teeth. It does not seem essential. Actually, teeth are unable to heal by themselves like skin or bones. To avoid large dental issues, it is logical to visit the dental centre Dr St-Onge for treatment. Chipped tooth can cause discoloration, so addressing it immediately saves pain and long term damages.

Regular visit to dental centre is helpful to prevent decay. Decay is minor but can trigger long term damages like infection chronic dental pain and tooth loss.

Dental implants are the best option to replace tooth that cannot be repaired!