Dealing with addictions

Across the world, millions of people are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction that is ruining their lives. A large chunk of these people started using drugs when they were as young as 14 years of age – either due to peer pressure, family issues or other factors. The problem is real and needs to be addressed at the earliest as the number of young people dying from an overdose and adulterated drugs continues to rise. The drug abuse levels vary from country to country as the laws also vary to fight the war on drugs. Dealing with addictions and ensuring a smooth/ relapse-free life post-de-addiction is important.

Drug abuse by young people

Drug addiction not only affects our behaviour and even messes with brain function and long-term drug abuse may limit brain functions as well. Addiction to anything is bad, but something that interacts strongly with the bloodstream like drugs impacts the body and mind. Drug addicts are unable to control their urge to use drugs even if they want to stop. They suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms in case they wish to discontinue and hence need professional medical help for the same.

Ways of detox and deaddiction

While some addicts may be slowly able to wean themselves from drugs, in most cases, this is not possible since the body is unable to process the absence of drugs in the system. The percentage of people who are able to do this is very less. Therefore, there is a definite need for medical help and detoxification before the deaddiction can take place. Detoxification at places such as Neworld Medical Detox Centre helps people medically pass the withdrawal symptoms in the initial phase before they can work on complete deaddiction.

One should always remember that deaddiction is not something that can be generalized. Each person has different levels of addiction with their body reacting to drugs and withdrawal in different ways. Therefore, the treatment has to be personalized to each patient so that it actually helps them. Addressing the withdrawal symptoms of agitation, anxiety, tremors, lack of sleep are typically dealt with external measures. It also helps the body relax and return to its normal functioning. Medical detox may, however, be necessary in some cases wherein regulated doses are provided to ease the symptoms and then the medication is reduced gradually to avoid dependency. All this is done in conjunction with proper counseling and round the clock care to help the patients recover faster and in a proper way so that they don’t go back to drugs.