Checklist Of Things To Carry At Spa Resort

Taking a spa treatment on weekend can relieve your stress and tension to a greater extent. It helps in curing your body pain and aches. It stimulates lymphatic system so that toxins from body can be released.

Moreover, it increases secretion of serotonin which is a “feel good” hormone. In case you haven’t visited spa earlier, there are few things that you should keep in mind. This guide will brief you about some things which you should carry during your spa visit.

Things To Carry For Spa Treatment

  • Slippers And Robe

Robes and slippers are important part of a spa treatment. Though most of the spa centers provide their robes and slippers on your visit, however, if you prefer using your own robe and slipper, take them along.

  • Towels

Most of the spas provide towels to their customers. However, if you like using your own towel, pack it in the spa bag. It is important that the towel you’re keeping for spa is neat and clean. Moreover, the mentioned towel should be soft so that it doesn’t hurt your skin after hot water bath.

  • A Set Of Clothes

It is important to carry a set of clean and washed clothes along. You may not like to wear same clothes after relaxing. Moreover, if you have plans to go out for a dinner or party, this becomes very important. Therefore, know the dress code in advance and keep a dress to go straight from the spa.

  • Gym Kit

Some spa centers have gym, sauna and other facilities. For the whole day that you have booked your appointment, you can use other facilities including gym. Therefore, don’t forget your gym kit since some spa centers deny access to guests who aren’t carrying required clothing.

  • Swim Suit

As mentioned above, spa centers have provision of swimming pools. If you wish to spend more time after your treatment at Spa, carry your swimsuit along.

  • Reading Material

If you want to spend more time at spa, it’s better to take some story books or novels. This will keep you from getting bored while you’re relaxing near poolside. If you don’t have good books, you can borrow from your friends or relatives. If you are looking for professional therapists at affordable prices visit, Spa Strøm Montréal.


Hope this guide will give you an idea of items to be carried at spa.